From theory to pharmaceutical products: translations for the pharmaceutical industry

From the basic documents to the research and development of the molecule, from registration, through distribution, to advertising: because accurate terminology, uniform style and reliable contents are essential at every step of the drug marketing process.

Every market survey, clinical protocol, patient information leaflet, pharmaceutical handbook or scientific marketing text is key step in the long process that leads to the creation and marketing of a pharmaceutical product.

Pharmaceutical translations need to be assigned to specialized linguists, supported by proofreaders and experts in the field to ensure that the final text meet essential requirements of accuracy, faithfulness to the original text, clarity of exposition, and compliance with the terminology used in this industry.

The body of pharmaceutical translations by Trans-Edit Group in this industry is huge: from the considerable corpus of documents of clinical research and statistical analysis labs to CME training documents (and specifically those concerning healthcare professionals), from the dossiers issued by regulatory and pharmacovigilance offices to the publications of government agencies.

A chapter apart is represented by patient information leaflets, which at the Life Sciences Division of TEG see the scientific editorial staff work in close synergy with the Desktop Publishing team in the management of a work cycle spanning from translation, through DTP, to quality control, without forgetting package standardization and, last but not least, the production of bilingual versions and patient information leaflets for South Tyrol.

The following are just some of the types of documents handled by Trans-Edit in this sector:

Pharmaceutical companies

AIFA and MA dossiers
Patient information leaflets
Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletins
Clinical and pre-clinical trials, reports and protocols
Scientific papers
Product monographs
Laboratory documentation
Internal protocols and operating procedures
Environmental sustainability projects
Market surveys
Informed consent and patient information forms
Scientific dissemination
CME and training
Corporate and monographic websites
Interactive/multimedia presentations and DVDs
Brochures and press releases

Regulatory authorities and drug agencies

Pharmaceutical product instructions
Pharmaceutical handbooks
Pharmacovigilance magazines
“Quaderni” journals of the Ministry of Health
AIFA reports


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For any translated document, Trans-Edit Group offers sworn translation or Court certification services, as well as legalization, apostilling and consularization, if required. 





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