Website translation

Every day, our dedicated web team handles a great number of translations of client websites and their web marketing and SEO activities.




Nine in ten users say they prefer to visit
a website in their own language, when
(Source: Eurobarometer)

The proficient use of advanced technologies enables us to work across disciplines - from graphic design to web design, through multilingual interactive design - in order to manage our clients' valuable online contents and help them go global.

Website translation technology
Our website translation process is carried out by mother-tongue professionals with proven experience. We apply our technology to the translation and localization of a website, directly on the client's server in FTP mode, by importing files in all the most commonly used formats and standards (Html, aspx, php, Xml, Xliff, etc.), and interfacing with CMSs like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.
Our solutions extend to the translation and localization of all present and future multimedia contents of any website: video, audio, Flash, PDF and digital files.
Our solutions include the integrated use of sophisticated software applications that enable our translators and localizers to translate contents without ''alter''ing the code, resulting in reduced time and cost.


Website translation and culture oriented localization
Activities performed by our localizers include the adaptation of texts to the linguistic system of the target language, compliance with applicable conventions, and careful modulation of the translation style with editorial interventions aimed at enhancing local cultural aspects.

Translation for search engine positioning
Our service extends to translation from a SEO perspective, i.e. involving metadata (the elements interpreted by search engines) contained in the HTML code.
The Tag Title and the meta/rdf schema are some of the metadata relevant to ensuring correct indexing of website pages in Google and other search engines and to delivering an immediate impact on users performing the search.
Metadata is translated in compliance with optimization criteria applied to the original website and with the objectives of local users in mind, in consultation with our SEO experts, if necessary.

Website translation in all the languages of your present and future business
Translating a website into different languages is like opening a display window onto the international arena.
Any web user today expects websites to offer an English version as a matter of course; if you also provide Spanish, Chinese or Hindi versions you are extending your product visibility to millions of potential customers.
It is essential for companies operating in the global market to present their online messages, products and services in the correct language and in the appropriate cultural context: our organization can contribute to your international success.


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