Video games: localization is a must

In the gaming sector, globalization and online distribution have further increased the need to adapt video games to local users Customer survey


Customer survey

Why did they choose us as localization partner?

  • Total number of languages offered

  • Ability to manage graphics, video and audio

  • Quality/price ratio

  • Cultural adaptation skills

  • Fast turnaround

  • Dubbing and voiceover

Video game localization: Our offering

Working along-side with game developers, Trans-Edit Group's Games team offers professional language services dedicated to the world of video games, including localization, testing and audio management. We support clients throughout every phase of video game production from design to development, deployment and launch.

Language adaptation

We know a localization project can be a large and time- consuming job. This is why we assign every client a dedicated Project Manager who understands their needs and proactively manages the linguistic and cultural adaptation of video game scripts.


Synergy with the development team

Projects often combine different roles that work together. This is why we make sure our PMs, translators, dubbers and QA managers have the best technologies to ensure linguistic and terminological consistency: Translation Memories, style guides and termbases are some examples. Also, through our TEG24 proprietary platform, developers can follow each translation batch online and interact with their Project Manager to provide feedback or suggestions.

Translation of text content

Audio and Video
Thanks to a strategic partnership, we are able to offer the services of a state-of-the-art production and post-production center adjacent to our office, equipped with the most advanced digital editing, special effect and computer graphics technology and with music soundtrack, dubbing, authoring and DVD mastering capabilities.

Localized platforms

Console games
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo GameCube
Sony PlayStation
Nintendo Wii


PC games

Online games
(Massive Multiplayer
Online Games)

Mobile phone games








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