Internationalization from and to the United States

B2B Translation and Localization from and to the US

Based in Italy, Trans-Edit Group (“TEG”) specializes in providing internationalization support as well as high-caliber translation and language services to US companies operating in the global market and European companies looking to establish or expand their presence in the US.

The US is the largest, most profitable market in the world. California alone, at $2.2 trillion, has the eighth largest economy globally! As a result, US companies that want to export their products or services abroad need their technical and business documents translated and localized for non-English speaking markets. At the same time, foreign companies targeting the US need their documents translated into English and localized to the market.
TEG successfully helps Italian and international clients expand their opportunities through the process of linguistic and cultural mediation.

Correspondent offices and global presence

In order to address the different cultural and business practices that characterize the diverse areas of the US, TEG has established Correspondent Offices in Los Angeles and New York, strategically located to cover the West Coast, Mid-West and East Coast regions.
With Italian headquarters based in Milan, Italy, and Correspondent Offices in the UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and the People's Republic of China, TEG can manage multilingual projects in any language combination covering all the major world time zones.

A market-oriented organization

In order to meet the high expectations of businesses with advanced managerial cultures, each client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager, while our ISO 9001 Quality System certification ensures compliance with US standards.

Italian Excellence

TEG operates as an advocate of “Made in Italy” excellence and promotes the creativity and uniqueness of Italian luxury and fashion brands, industrial products – from design to mechanical engineering – and food products in US markets.
TEG delivers the historical quality of the “Made in Italy” brand to US companies exporting to global markets by providing innovative solutions and all-language translations which reflect the core values of quality, efficiency and reliability to which we are fully committed.
We traditionally specialize in the following sectors: Financial (200+ blue chip clients), Legal, Life Sciences (major multinationals in the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industries) and High-Tech (mechanical engineering, electronics and ICT).
With our transcreation service and copy editors, we help clients enhance their global communication strategies and achieve maximum brand visibility and impact in all markets.

State of the art solutions and US technology

TEG draws on 25 years of experience but is still driven by the same determination and dynamism of a start-up company. In June 2014, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan awarded us with the prestigious Piazza Mercanti Award in recognition of its innovative business model – a model that applies state of the art technologies, many originating from the United States, to resource management as well as to workflow tracking and monitoring and to Quality Assurance processes.
The streamlining of processes and cutting-edge technological solutions applied to the language industry deliver two major advantages to our clients: tight turnaround times and reduced costs.





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