Words matter: translations for scientific publishing houses

Translating texts about highly specialized subjects for publishing demands more than an accurate translation of concepts. The challenges posed by an increasingly diverse and demanding market and public call for flexible, fast and expert solutions.

Translating scientific books for the academic or medical communities, as well as educational or informative publications are a strength of Trans-Edit's language services

Working with scientific publishing houses means being able to handle large workloads under very tight schedules while ensuring impeccable standards of accuracy in content and terminology.

Over the years Trans-Edit's in-house scientific editorial staff has developed and fine-tuned a production cycle that covers the entire production process spanning well beyond translation to include editing, proofreading, layout, scientific review and validation services. Thanks to expert scientific writers and journalists working in the division, the production cycle can also include transcreation, medical writing, scientific marketing and content localization services – from pharmaceutical products, through bibliographies, to nomenclatures – depending on the specific requirements of the country of destination.

The key figures of this well-designed process are Trans-Edit’s language and technology resources.

On the one hand, the training and long-standing experience of our team of specialists – from the translators to the editors specialized in medical and scientific translations working into their mother tongue, from the medical writers and project managers to the desktop publishers, from the scientific reviewers to the scientific editors, play an instrumental role in carrying out these critical projects. Trans-Edit has set in place a thorough selection process, as well as a well-designed training and continuous assessment program in keeping with ISO 9001 and 17100 standards according to which Trans-Edit is certified.

On the other, in addition to human resources, an extensive and pioneering role is played by cutting-edge language technology tools that have always been part and parcel to Trans-Edit’s innovative management strategy. Translation memories and terminology databases shared in real time by every member of the project teams, cutting-edge quality checks, and customized style guides are perfectly integrated into the work cycle and allow the language staff to optimize working time, to leverage existing material and to ensure the uniformity of terminology, style and content.

Trans-Edit's advanced technological equipment comprises applications to localize software, websites and scientific apps for iOS, Android and Windows in order to successfully master the challenges posed by the world of multimedia and digital publishing.

To ensure the utmost level of terminological accuracy, TEG is also a member of the EMWA (European Medical Writers Association), thus affording its team access to best practices and to Standard Operating Procedures in order to ensure uniformity with internationally recognized nomenclatures and seamless localization of content in target markets.

Terminological and editorial uniformity is also pursued by assigning each scientific project to a linguistic coordinator tasked with ensuring uniformity to deliver a final product that is as accurate and consistent as possible.

The editorial texts translated by Trans-Edit range from highly specialized texts about the new horizons of research and medical therapies to scientific journals, and from clinical conference publications to informative and educational brochures.

The following are just some of the types of documents handled by Trans-Edit in this sector:

  • Medicine, veterinary, dentistry, biology, chemistry, psychology, and sociology volumes, as well as books in other fields of science for the medical community, universities, and patients, in paper or digital format
  • Specialized journals of international reach
  • Proceedings of conferences and workshops
  • Medical and scientific journalism
  • Informative brochures (for physicians, researchers, healthcare professionals and/or patients)
  • Scientific marketing
  • Multimedia applications
  • Monographic or multi-thematic websites, corporate websites, portals
  • Online, radio and TV communication 


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