From research to therapy, through translation

Explaining the future: language services for biotechnologies

Biotechnologies are the new horizon of pharmaceutical innovation.

It is a field characterized by a high degree of specialization and interdisciplinarity that is making a crucial contribution to the growth of R&D in Italy and to which Trans-Edit Group is devoting all its professionalism to deliver accuracy in translation.

To date, 145 products of biotechnology research are on the market in Italy. They allow thousands of patients to improve their quality of life and to enjoy a longer life. In addition to these, there are another 303 projects still at the R&D stage and many patients and companies are putting all their hopes in them for a therapy.

Trans-Edit relies on a team of translators, proofreaders and experts who make their precious contribution to making these hopes come true. It is a team with a broad range of interdisciplinary skills spanning the fields of organic chemistry, molecular biology, genetic engineering and biochemistry to ensure an expert use of terminology as well as its customary linguistic excellence.

Source: Report on biotechnologies in the Italian pharmaceutical industry – 2015






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