Translation of technical manuals

For all technical translations, reducing costs and meeting deadlines are crucial requirements.


When translating manuals, our solutions ensure full compatibility with clients' formats as well as reduced time and cost.
These technological solutions provide precision, terminological consistency and coherence throughout the translated technical manual, including text, diagrams, figures and technical drawings.
The technological resources underpinning such solutions are part of the company's assets: therefore, clients maximize the benefits of the investments by receiving, in a shorter time, a product that is not only highly competitive but also of higher quality. This advantage becomes even more appreciable when producing manuals translated into two or more languages and when translating updates only (manuals for new product versions, manuals for project-based supplies, etc.).
Manuals can be structured in XML, SGML or HTML, or laid out in any desktop publishing format in either Mac or Windows environment:

Adobe Indesign
Adobe FrameMaker
Adobe PageMaker

In addition to User's Manuals and Maintenance and Service Guides for machinery and equipment, our services cover a wide range of texts, including:

Tutorials, online guides, interactive troubleshooting, FAQ

Instruction books, product sheets and specifications

Technical files, risk analysis assessments, safety, etc.

Catalogues, spare part lists

Technical and CAD drawings, 2D and 3D modeling and illustration

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