Translation of contracts and legal documents

Translation of contracts requires specialized, differentiated professional skills.

Contracts and agreements are not defined in the same way in all legal systems, which may be governed by a Civil Code (civil law), as in Italy, or by the more flexible common law , as in the United Kingdom or the United States.

When providing contract translation services, the ability of the translator to choose appropriate technical, scientific and business terms must therefore also include suitable knowledge of the equivalences (both terminological and otherwise) between the differing systems. Indeed, any erroneous interpretation or insufficient knowledge of the latest updates to regulations, directives and codes (Incoterms, Unidroit Principles, CFR, to mention just a few) may lead to unintentional torts or false liabilities.

It is therefore no easy task to respond to the many differing needs for translating agreements between parties such as letters of intent, preliminary agreements, conventions, offers, calls for tenders, specifications, etc., as well as the wide range of contracts linked to business and obligations between parties (from banking relationships to successions).
Even a simple transaction for the acquisition of a company usually involves a complex, detailed finalization procedure: numerous changes are made by lawyers, legal experts and consultants after release of the preliminary draft and before approval of the final document in the rapid succession of revisions that come before the closing.

A team of specialized translators, supported by our network of proofreaders, legal experts and consultants, together with the use of the most advanced technologies (specialized databases and translation memories, powerful work platforms, workflow automation) are the resources that TEG offers its customers in the legal sector for its contract translation service.

This is the only way to guarantee that contracts and legal documents are translated and faithfully localized into any language, that every phase of document drafting is strictly controlled and that the pressing deadlines typical of this area are met. 

Most frequently translated contract documents:

Tender contracts
Preliminary deeds of sale
Lease agreements
Sponsorship agreements
Acquisition contracts, M&A
Investment contracts
Loan agreements
Service contracts
Contracts for plant design, supply and installation
Plant management and maintenance agreements
Contracts for supply of services
Agency agreements
National collective employment agreements


Licence agreements
Collaboration and consultancy agreements
Agreements for performance of intellectual work
Framework agreements
Supplementary agreements
Franchising agreements
General purchase and sale conditions
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Letters of intent
Private deeds and contracts
Shareholders' agreements
Memorandums of Understanding
Legal advice
Technical specifications




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