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Trans-Edit Group has many years of experience in the translation of financial and business reports

Trans-Edit Group's professionals provide extremely high quality translations that meet client expectations and requirements in terminology, specialized knowledge, tone and style. Our Finance Team includes specialist linguists, translators and final editors, as well as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – financial analysts, auditors and tax experts – who bring valuable expertise to our translations.

The translation quality of each financial statement and of all business and financial documentation is ensured by redundant editing and proofreading steps to guarantee terminology consistency within and across documents, even if these are written at different times (e.g. quarterly and half-year reports and annual consolidated financial statements).

Figures and experience

  • Over 100 financial statements translated

  • Terminology

  • Costs reduced by 30%

  • Turnaround times reduced by 20%

Trans-Edit Group has completed over 100 translations of quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports just in .

Clients who have used Trans-Edit Group have always been satisfied with the services received. To achieve this result, we set a series of objectives:

Appropriate and consistent specialized terminology obtained with the support of customized style guides and glossaries, in compliance with the terminology of International Accounting Standards (IAS). 

Contained costs through special rates for each requesting client; additionally, the "Investor Relations" service package provides translations of half-yearly and quarterly reports at a highly cost-effective price.

Fast turnaround, thanks to accurate and thorough organization of the company's staff and technological resources, so as to provide excellent translations even when handling high volumes of work.


Documents translated

  • Yearly financial statements

    with related quarterly and half-yearly reports, including balance sheet, profit and loss statements, notes to the financial statements and reports on operations, prepared in accordance with internationally accepted accounting standards.

  • Statutory financial statements

    prepared in accordance with Italian civil law provisions and principles

  • Consolidated financial statements

    the year-end report that represents the operating, capital and financial situation of a group of companies, prepared by the parent company

  • Prospectus and KIID

    (Key Investor Information Document), i.e. the document prepared in the financial markets sector to provide investors with updated and accurate information on the issuer of the financial instruments

  • Transfer Pricing

    i.e. the documents required of multinationals in order to demonstrate that the prices applied in intercompany transactions comply with the arm’s length principle. Further information >



Dolores Canzian (Senior Project Manager)

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Finance Team

Our Clients and their feedback

Clients who request this type of translation range from major banking groups, large multinationals, listed companies, insurance companies, investment funds and SICAVs to small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to benefit from certified high-quality financial and accounting translations and to receive an accurate and reliable estimate of costs.

The translation of their financial statements is often a crucial tool for companies who seek to enter the global arena and expand their business to new markets.
We work with leading Italian and foreign companies which have always considered our services as a valuable asset to enhance their corporate image abroad or in the Italian market. 
Our clients' overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback recognize Trans-Edit Group as the most reliable provider of translation services in the financial sector. The best choice you could make.

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