Simultaneous translation: where, how, when

In simultaneous translation, the interpreter translates as the speaker speaks.


The skills of our simultaneous interpreters

  • Terminological competence

  • Interpreting speed

  • Technological infrastructure

  • Event management/organization

  • Availability/flexibility

In summary

Simultaneous translation: When

Typically used by our clients for international conferences and meetings and for training events, simultaneous translation allows an audience of people speaking different languages to follow the event in their own language.


Simultaneous translation: How

Simultaneous translation is generally performed by a pair of interpreters per language; this is necessary because of the extremely high level of concentration, which requires the interpreters to alternate in 20-30 minute shifts over a seven hour working day.

Before the event, our Project Managers prepare terminology guides, often in collaboration with the client and the speakers, and whenever possible provide the interpreters with abstracts of the presentations, clarifying the meaning of any acronyms used.


Simultaneous translation: Where


For the sake of accuracy

The correct term for simultaneous translation is "simultaneous interpretation", and the professionals who provide it should be referred to as interpreters, not translators.


The world's largest employer of interpreters is the European Commission, which employs hundreds of freelance or in-house interpreters for each of the official languages of the European Union. The other EU institutions (European Parliament, Court of Justice, etc.) also have their own, smaller, interpretation service.The United Nations employs interpreters in nearly all their offices worldwide. As the UN only has six official languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic), it is a much smaller employer.

Wide availability of interpreters:

Italian < > English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese. We also offer services in Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Polish, Ukrainian, Rumanian, Dutch, Greek, Serbo-Croat, Hungarian, Belarusian, Swedish, etc.

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