Interpreting human behavior: translation of psychology and sociology books

There is no field of human sciences as challenging and delicate for a translator as psychology and sociology. Trans-Edit Group is fully aware of this because in these cases it is not enough to know how to translate.

When translating a psychology or sociology text, it really is true to say that “translating is not enough.”
In addition to a masterly mix of language skills and stylistic expertise, a translator needs to have a broad command of the various schools and currents of thought and clinical and empirical research that characterize these two disciplines.

The complexity and specificity of the language used in psychology and sociology call for more than sound linguistic knowledge and demand the study of the works of the great masters and historical foundations, as well as continuous updating about practices and the most recent approaches by regularly reading the main specialized literature.

In psychology, another important requirement for a professional translator is to master clinical language, better if supported by clinical experience or training.

In sociology, a translator must command the language of the disciplines that help us understand and interpret social phenomena: anthropology, political science, history, law, economics and, of course, psychology.

In the awareness of all these implications, Trans-Edit Group relies on a select group of professional translators who boast a vast cultural background, supported by consultants and proofreaders expert in the two disciplines.

In detail, here are some of the topics covered by Trans-Edit Group in sociology…:

  • Situation of young people
  • Socio-economic change
  • Migration
  • Family, gender and generations
  • Communication processes and new media
  • Political changes and dynamics
  • Organizations and society
  • Social processes of education and knowledge
  • Transformations of labor
  • Transformations of the territory and environment
  • Welfare and social policies

… And psychology:

  • Psychological assessment and diagnosis
  • Laboratory exams
  • Development of the child and adolescent
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Short psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Mentalization in psychotherapy
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy
  • Pharmacological and brain stimulation therapies
  • Pathological behavioral addictions
  • Psychology of terrorism





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