Copywriting, Transcreation, Post-editing, Authoring

In addition to translation, Trans-Edit Group also offers the following language-related services:

Copywriting or copy-editing 

Creative writing or adaptation of advertising texts, announcements, press releases, sales support materials, political and business speeches, leaflets, institutional or product monographs, etc. Through these written texts our copy team interprets the client’s strategies, objectives and intents, and develops that concept by creating headlines, taglines (also known as endlines or payoff), and body copy, and designing names for new products (naming).


Translation with the creative adaptation of text and images according to the characteristics of the target culture and market that respects the style and context of the original message so as to convey in the target language the emotional intent of the source. This service is provided for the localization of websites in an SEO and SEM perspective and for the translation of marketing content such as advertising campaigns, brochures, etc. Transcreation often involves the need for the transposition of cultural references as in word play, jokes, proverbs and other typical elements of the local culture.


Specialized linguistic revision implemented downstream of the translation process to give the translated text a particular tone and register specific to the target reader and sector, the semantic area to which the text refers and the purposes for which it is intended (for example, documents of a financial, legal, scientific marketing or technical nature). The target text does not adhere as closely to the source and is more readily accessible to the document's recipient.


Creation of a document or content that is intended for a particular communication purpose, for example the writing of technical manuals originally conceived for localization and subsequent updates. Currently, authoring is mainly used in the creation of multimedia content as with, for example, a web page in HTML code with image and text formatting, or the design, creation, capture, editing and integration of information for special format CDs or DVDs.

Medical writing

A particular type of authoring focused on the writing of scientific documents intended for physicians, healthcare providers, patients and consumers of pharmaceutical and paramedical products, to which Trans-Edit Group dedicates the best resources of its Editorial Division.


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