Medicine: training courses

TEG provides simultaneous English< > Italian interpreting at the conference “ Le pseudocoxalgie: la sindrome da instabilità sacroiliaca. Diagnosi e terapia” (Pseudo-coxalgie: sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Diagnosis and treatment)

On 21 May, a training course on pseudo-coxalgie for surgeons and nurses took place at the
San Pietro Fatebenefratelli hospital in Rome.

Grounded in the disciplines of orthopedics and traumatology, as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation, the course content dealt with the knowledge and skills (and technical and professional aspects) specific to these professions, specializations and ultra-specialized activities, while also considering certain rare diseases.

The morning began with a round table about correct diagnoses, in which some relevant clinical examples were introduced and subsequently discussed. 
Pseudo-coxalgie falls under the category of diseases that are difficult to diagnose and treat, requiring a joint investigation by rheumatologists, orthopedicians and neurosurgeons.

The second session focused on “History and biomechanics of sacroiliac joint dysfunction”, the instruments used in diagnosis and “Surgical treatment: a minimally invasive arthrodesis technique”, concluding with a discussion among the participants. Trans-Edit Group played a key role in the proceedings, providing simultaneous English<>Italian interpreting.

Interpretation and translation for hospitals and research institutions are a primary area of specialization for Transedit-Group. The interpreters who took part are highly-specialized in the medical field and were able to navigate skillfully and precisely through a very complex and delicate subject. Thanks to their expertise, all of the participants presented their ideas in the knowledge that their every nuance was fully understood.



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