Medical devices: translation and language services at the service of physicians

Translating, localizing and providing DTP for the complete array of documents supplied with extremely sophisticated instruments that support physicians all over the world: medical devices, laboratory equipment, surgical, radiological and radiotherapy equipment...

No mistakes are allowed in a sector as critical as medical technology. And translation is a key step.

Medical devices are complex and sophisticated instruments with an incredibly high level of technology. Clear and reliable user manuals in the language of the country of destination play an essential role in order to use them correctly because they are the ultimate guarantee of safety and functionality.

Concepts like time-to-market and cost-effectiveness also come into play in order to be competitive in addressing the growing demand for medical devices by great economic powers and small emerging countries alike.

A timely translation service that strikes the right balance between cost and quality plays an essential role in this international challenge.

A challenge that TEG has taken on and won by providing software and user manual translations through processes validated by thirty years of history and recognized by the most authoritative ISO certification bodies, as well as through the contribution of highly specialized medical and scientific translators who are always updated and assessed through strict continuous training programs.

The following are just some of the types of documents handled by Trans-Edit in this sector:

  • Technical manuals (user, service and installation) 
  • Information material (brochures, leaflets…)
  • Commercial documents
  • Web marketing
  • Software

Insight: The Languages of Medical Devices






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