Our team of medical and scientific translators and copywriters

Our team of medical and scientific translators and copywriters


Medical and scientific translations can be done only by specialized scientific translators who have long-standing experience in translating medical, pharmaceutical and scientific texts. Our medical translators keep up to date with the latest developments in scientific research by attending key events organized by the international scientific community and by participating in prestigious specialist training courses. They are also members of national trade associations like AITI and ANITI, and of international associations such as ATA (American Translators Association) or EMWA (European Medical Writers Association). Trans-Edit Group guarantees the utmost quality in all language combinations, although the international standard requires mainly scientific translators working to and from English.


Trans-Edit Group also relies on a team of specialists (physicians, biologists, chemists, pharmacists…) operating at major clinical and scientific research institutions, to work in synergy with our professional medical translators. Their task is to carry out a scientific review of texts to ensure that translated content accurately reflects the original document and to check that terminology is correct and up to date.

Medical writers

Medical writers have a specific set of skills in medicine and in the use of medical terminology. Writing skills are matched with the ability to organize contents according to specific guidelines that meet the requirements of best practices set out at an international level and to the needs of users, whether patients, the general public, physicians or regulatory agencies.

Scientific editors

Downstream of the translation and review process, scientific texts to be published undergo a further post-editing stage consisting in editorial processing by scientific reviewers accredited by leading international publishers.

Project Managers

Project Managers assist clients providing the best resources and the most effective tools to deliver a premium quality product according on time and according to requirements. In addition to being the go-to person for clients, they coordinate the entire project team, from the medical translators to the proofreaders, providing additional reference material (often provided by clients) and making sure that the best procedures, methods and skills are implemented. Finally, project managers ensure that client instructions and the company's Quality System are implemented correctly.


A transcreator is a rather new professional figure who “translates” creating a new text. They add value to a translation through the creative adaptation of contents and images based on the characteristics of the target culture and market. While respecting the style, objectives and context of the original message, transcreators can elicit the same emotions in the target language as those in the source language. This is especially true in the localization of websites requiring SEO and SEM strategies and in the translation of marketing texts, such as advertising campaigns, brochures and press releases. Transcreation often involves the need for the transposition of cultural references as in word play, jokes, proverbs and other typical elements of the local culture.

Terminology coordinator

In particularly complex projects, e.g., editorial projects, a terminology coordinator is the person of reference for scientific translators to solve any terminology issues that may arise during a project and to ensure that the chosen translation solutions are applied by the whole team once the process to assess the single issues has been completed. This figure is chosen by the project manager from a pool of translators whose leadership skills and experience are widely recognized and proven. They work in close contact with project managers, pursuing the same objective of correctly implementing customer instructions and of ensuring the final quality of a project.

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