Medical and scientific translation and medical writing

Trans-Edit Group: a world-class language service provider for the pharmaceutical, medical and scientific industries

There are sectors, including medical and scientific translation, in which specialization is never enough, reliability is a must and professionalism is an essential requirement. Fields like scientific translation cannot afford excuses, delays or imprecision.

Trans-Edit Group has been working for thirty years in close contact with medical and scientific researchers, hospitals, universities, decision-makers in pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies, manufacturers of medical devices and publishers and has gained extensive experience in ensuring the accuracy, expertise and methodological rigor required for the translation of medical and scientific texts.

The Life Sciences Division at TEG is not just a translation office. It is an editorial team in which specialized translators, medical writers, scientific editors and specialists in a wide range of fields work side by side. These professionals are certified and receive regular training as set out by the strict requirements of the ISO 9001 and 17100 standards. This team is definitely the spearhead of Trans-Edit Group.




















In this elaborate work cycle spanning from medical writing to medical translation or transcreation, from proofreading, through page layout to the final quality checks, and from scientific review to validation, including the localization of contents according to nomenclatures and to the requirements of drug agencies in target markets, cutting-edge Language Technology tools are leveraged and play a key role in the entire process.

Translation memories and terminology databases, cutting-edge tools to ensure uniform use of terminology, quality check tools and style guides allow the language staff of the Scientific Division to ensure the standardization and contextualization of the terminology and contents of scientific translations.

The medical translations by Trans-Edit Group span the full range of scientific texts: monographs or multi-thematic publications in every field of medicine and science, specialized journals, clinical conference publications, technical and medical manuals, research projects, scientific marketing texts, both for publication and for internal or educational use.

The interdisciplinary skills available at Trans-Edit, which can rely on its own scientific teram, as well as writers and experts in the legal, technical and IT sectors allow TEG to handle regulatory, medical technology, web and software texts with the utmost competence and accuracy.

All this makes Trans-Edit Group one of the world’s language service providers with the highest level of specialization and expertise in the field of medical and scientific translation and in general in life sciences.



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