Specialist leisure industry translation

Delivering translation for fashion and luxury, design, tourism, food and sports


Trans-Edit's services in entertainment and leisure cover all the sectors of the industry.

Our Milan offices allow our translators, editors and reviewers to work closely with the local fashion and luxury industry as well as with the world of tourism.

Our Clients range from the top names in high fashion and luxury to international interior decorators and designers, from large hotel franchises to tourism institutes, trade publications and event management companies.

With our translation services from and into any language, we assist companies in pursuing their key objectives: brand enhancement in domestic and international markets, development of a unique and successful marketing and communication strategy, reduced time-to-market of products coupled with appropriate advertising, plus technical and educational documentation.

Translations in this area require not only specialized knowledge, but also linguistic sensitivity and an effective writing style. Our teams of translators, supported by copywriters, advertising experts and our editorial staff, make sure that the end product faithfully reflects your brand identity.

Fashion and Luxury

Style, exclusivity, brand uniqueness, fashion blogging...
Internationalization generates neologisms and innovative models: it's the language and culture of the fashion system.
We speak that language.

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Travel and Tourism

In the travel and tourism sector, good translation is key to increasing visibility on the web and other platforms. Overlooking the language factor means missing out on market opportunities.

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Food and Beverage

It takes outstanding skills to vividly render the flavors, tastes, aromas, colors and scents of the best wines and food products of the local tradition. Skills that we'll use to contribute to your brand's success.

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and Design

Successfully communicating the tradition and philosophy of beauty and sustainability to an international audience around the world requires expert knowledge and technical talent.

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