Interpreting for trade shows

The key to success: Professional interpreters with great communication skills


  • Terminological competence

  • Interpreting speed

  • Technological infrastructure

  • Event management/organization

  • Availability/flexibility

Our service

For trade show events, Trans-Edit Group can provide you with an interpreter who will act as a linguistic bridge between visitors and your staff. We offer interpreting services expressly dedicated to trade show events, selecting our translators not only on the basis of language skills but also on their responsiveness, empathy and helpfulness.  




Translation clarity and communication skills are the key requirements for any trade show interpreting assignment in Italy or abroad.


Why choose us

  • Your interpreter is not a stranger, but becomes part of your booth team, sharing your objectives and expectations.
  • Your interpreter does not just translate words, but can also help you with cultural references, acting as your “linguistic mediator”.
  • All our interpreters are perfectly bilingual. For trade shows abroad, you can request a local interpreter in the country hosting the event or an interpreter based in Italy who will travel with your staff.



Over the last few years, our interpreters have supported dozens of clients attending top Italian and international trade shows. 

Recent interpreting assignments



  • How many days' notice are needed for a trade show interpreting assignment?

    For major European languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), one day's notice is enough. For other languages, we may need two days.
    This timescale also applies to liaison interpreting assignments involving highly specific subjects.

  • Will microphones or other equipment be required? No.

    Liaison interpreting at trade shows is performed between two people or a very small group, so no technological support is required.

  • Can the interpreter accompany me during meetings at the trade show?

    Absolutely. Any transfer outside the agreed location must be discussed in advance with the Project Manager.

  • How do you protect the confidentiality of my information?

    Our interpreters sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you require additional guarantees, please discuss with your Project Manager.

  • Can the interpreter assist with booth management?

    Certainly. The specifications of these services should be discussed in advance with your Project Manager.



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