Translation services to access new markets

Translation services to access new markets

The term 'internationalization' describes all the steps that a company takes to access new markets and distribute its products on an increasingly global scale.

Internationalization is often used to indicate activities that are quite different from one another but have one element in common: translation into at least one foreign language. Translation and localization are of the highest importance in the process.

More than just translation

In many cases our experience goes beyond translations, allowing us to offer additional consulting services to ensure compliance with the legislative or regulatory aspects in use in different countries.

One example is bilingual Italian-German information leaflets for medicinal products sold in special statute regions.

This activity extends to the local use of languages as, for example, English as applied in Great Britain, Australia, the United States, as well as important regions 

closer to us, like the Ticino or the Grisons Cantons, for which Italian translation requires deep conventional, institutional and cultural adaptations.

Especially in emerging markets, such as those in the Far East and Arab countries, where successful communication is possible only through a full knowledge of the cultural substrate of the respective ethnicities and its influence on verbal and non-verbal language, the role of our mother-tongue interpreters and translators as language mediators is a vital one.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services to support companies in offshoring, opening new locations, training personnel, and generally transferring business and financial data and information in accordance with local regulations and language in the destination country.

In addition to using its linguists, professionals and local correspondent offices to provide interpretation, certification, legalization and consularization services, Trans-Edit has set up internationalization desks in the following markets:

EAU (Emirati Arabi Uniti)    UK    USA


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