Technical translations

Technical translations

Benefits to Trans-Edit Group clients:

  • CAT: time and money savings

  • Glossaries: terminological consistency

  • Management of AutoCAD© files

  • Desktop Publishing Department

  • Management of upgrades

When it comes to technical translations, reducing costs and meeting deadines are crucial requirements.

TEG's activity in the industrial technology sector covers all vertical markets and supply chains. We can translate and lay out technical documents and manuals using structured languages (XML, DIDA, etc.), software for technical document management like Adobe FrameMaker as well as the most widely used desktop publishing formats and OpenSource formats (LaTex, PoEdit, Xliff, etc.).

Our solutions can help you achieve progressive cost and time reduction without affecting translation quality by using methods dedicated to the management of technical terminology and the formulation of consistent glossaries reflecting company-specific and regulatory jargon.

Trans-Edit Group provides technical translations in any language and assists clients in international projects who require the preparation of extensive documentation.

In over 25 years experience working along-side national and international companies of all sizes, we have translated millions of pages of technical documentation for systems installed around the world. Today, this track record allows us to meet any need, from technical translation in any language of text for a single product to multilingual management of the entire accompanying documentation, always guaranteeing a professional, flexible and competent service.

Management of each individual technical translation by Project Managers of proven experience, use of strictly mother-tongue translators specializing in the respective sectors, technical supervision and routine checks, extensive terminological databases, computer assisted translation systems (Across Language Server, SDL Trados, Star Transit, etc.), and a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality system are the hallmarks of our business.


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Technical translations: Areas of specialization

  • IT systems, software and e-business websites
  • E-banking, networking and office automation
  • Telecommunications and audio-video systems
  • Multimedia systems, consumer electronics, musical instruments, household appliances, lighting fixtures, lighting design
  • Components, cables and conductors, optical fibers, laser, nanotechnology
  • Generators, UPS and electrical tools
  • Metrology and CN equipment
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Automation, robotics, machine tools and process equipment
  • Automotive (automobiles and motorcycles)
  • Aerospace
  • Precision mechanics
  • Agricultural and earth moving machines
  • Transport engineering
  • Valves, turbines and filtering systems
  • Metallurgy and steel industry
  • Printing, prepress and graphic arts
  • Pulp and paper
  • Textile industry
  • Packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Consumer products
  • Home and personal care products
  • Office supplies
  • Hotel supplies
  • Energy generation, transmission and distribution
  • Oil and gas
  • Alternative and renewable energy
  • HVAC, plumbing and heating systems
  • Infrastructures
  • Environment
  • Building and facility management
  • Bio-construction (materials and procedures)
  • Paints, pigments, glass, plastic materials, rubber, paper, pulp
  • Lifting systems; fire prevention and control systems



  • Documents translated

    User manuals, installation and service manuals, quick guides

    Safety and product data sheets

    Technical and functional specifications

    Workshop manuals, time charts, warranty booklets, AutoCAD drawings

    Tender specifications and bids

    Fact and Data Sheets, White Papers

    Brochures, leaflets, catalogues

    Press releases and press kits

    E-news and magazines

    Software applications and manuals

    Websites and portals

    Supply and maintenance contracts

    Sales guides



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