Translation and interpreting projects for events and conferences

Trans-Edit is able to deliver punctual and high-quality translation and interpreting services that can meet any need for meetings, conferences and events with professional interpreters specialized in various interpreting techniques (simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage).

Scientific associations, agencies or companies operating in the medical and pharmaceutical field can rely on Trans-Edit with absolute trust and, above all, the certainty that they will be providing audiences with a flawless service, regardless of the number and type of languages or of the complexity of the subjects.

And not only that. Trans-Edit also has a complete range of equipment for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, thus sparing clients the need to manage all the complex and burdensome technical aspects and offering them the opportunity of dealing with a single provider covering translation.

The following are just some of the types of documents handled by Trans-Edit in this sector:

  • Presentations and abstracts
  • Posters
  • Preliminary and final programs
  • Invitations, signs and leaflets


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