Aiming for internationalization: United Arab Emirates

In the current economic and business environment traditional markets are increasingly losing ground to emerging ones and internationalization has become a vital strategic factor.

Why the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the world's most open and dynamic economies and a great strategic, commercial and financial hub for the Asian countries. Today, access to this market is no longer a challenge but a necessary business choice.

Logistical proximity, high growth rates, political stability and immense economic and financial resources make this region particularly attractive. Tax policies favorable to foreign investment create enormous potential for the development of Italian companies wishing to internationalize.

Part of the country's massive wealth from oil is allocated to the Emirates' ten sovereign funds, the total value of which is close to $900 billion; this is an important factor in making the local financial market one of the most attractive and stable for foreign investment.

As a result of the diversification policy implemented by the sovereign funds, the country's economy is currently experiencing booming growth in a wide range of areas, from the traditional oil and gas sector – and more recently 'alter'native energy – to a variety of Made in Italy products, including high-end fashion, luxury, interior decoration, food and wine, real estate, medical research and high tech. Other areas, including tourism, transport and logistics, are expected to receive a tremendous boost from the Dubai Expo 2020.

Our language services

Against this back'drop', Trans-Edit Group provides language and internationalization services to the global finance elite, from sovereign funds to financial institutions, and to the local and foreign large retailers and small and medium-sized manufacturers operating in those areas that have been our core business for over 25 years.

Acting as a high-profile language consultant, TEG helps clients to develop targeted and successful internationalization activities in the UAE. For those who choose to operate in this ebullient market, attracted by modernity but deeply attached to Islamic tradition, TEG provides assistance with translations into Arabic and with locally based Arabic translators, in full compliance with country-specific linguistic and cultural conventions.






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