Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social, cultural and environmental needs have always translated into TEG's business model

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the practices and behaviors that a business adopts voluntarily to bring benefits and advantages to itself and to the community in which it operates. Services and benefits to employees are part of this approach and especially concern how these benefits impact employe

es and associates and improve their motivation and performance.

TEG has always placed a great deal of emphasis on its CSR policies and services to employeesThis choice sets us apart from competitors and during our 25 years in business has won us a number of prestigious institutional recognitions. The award presented to TEG in 2014 by Unioncamere Lombardia with the Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy for outstanding social responsibility sums up the areas to which the company has been constantly committed ever sin

ce its founding.

Environmental sustainability

Work from home
Separate waste collection

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Work quality

Certified quality
Day-care and
work-life balance services
Supplementary agreement

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Civil society and territory

Partnerships Universities

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Market relations

Transparency and partnerships
Customer satisfaction

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