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  • Terminological competence

  • Interpreting speed

  • Technological infrastructure

  • Event management/organization

  • Availability/flexibility

Knowledge of your industry and handling of urgent requests for successful liaison interpreting.

In liaison interpreting, the interpreter acts as a
linguistic bridge between a small number of people (typically 3 to 5). 

Clarity and precision in translating during business meetings are key requirements for liaison interpretation, whether the setting is a company visit, a business mission or assistance to Italian delegations abroad.


Why choose us

  • Your interpreter is not a stranger, but becomes part of the team, sharing your objectives and expectations.
  • Your interpreter is skilled and knowledgeable from both a linguistic and a technical point of view. Trans-Edit Group provides all its professionals with appropriate pre-event preparation and sets up teams of interpreters specializing in the main areas of activity (technical, mechanical, medical, financial, legal, etc.)
  • Your interpreter does not just translate words but can also help you with cultural references, acting as your “linguistic mediator”.



Over the last ten years, our interpreters have supported hundreds of small, medium-sized and large companies, Italian and foreign, with this type of interpreting. 

Recent interpreting assignments



  • How many days' advance notice for a business interpreting assignment?

    For major European languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), one day's notice is enough. For other languages, we may need two days.
    This timescale also applies to liaison interpreting assignments involving highly specific subjects.

  • Will microphones or other equipment be required? No.

    No. Liaison interpreting is performed between two people or in a very small group, so no technological equipment is required.

  • Itinerant event?

    The interpreter assists the client throughout the day. If travelling is required, the client generally makes the necessary arrangements.

  • How do you protect the confidentiality of my information?

    Our interpreters sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you require additional guarantees, please discuss with your Project Manager.



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