Translation of iOS, Android and Windows apps



Percentage of users
who consider app translation in their language as an added value.


More downloads
of apps whose content (store presentation etc.) is localized.

The benefits of localizing apps

Translating an app is an easy, cost-effective way to increase its distribution significantly and to obtain users' preference by enabling them to interact in their own language.

There are also indirect benefits to the brand (global brand distribution) and reputation (ability to meet customers' needs), which lead to global success and reach, today measured in billions of downloads.

Our capabilities help us interact with the client's development staff in the programming phase, offering guidelines to enable the apps for global use.

We can localize the source files (.string, .apk or other) of iOS, Android and Windows apps, extending the translation to the description required by online stores, key words and any other element useful to application distribution.

Because we know some apps are designed for a small number of users and limited to private or in-company use, while others are aimed at stores like Apple or Google Play, we offer customized, fast and competitive solutions.

Localized platforms

Translation of iOS apps



Translation of Android apps



Translation of Windows apps







Audio and Video
Thanks to a strategic partnership, we are able to offer the services of a state-of-the-art production and post-production center adjacent to our office, equipped with the most advanced digital editing, special effect and computer graphics technology and with music soundtrack, dubbing, authoring and DVD mastering capabilities.



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